At Datasalt we have vast experience in teaching hands-on Big Data. From private to public courses, delivering the best of our accumulated knowledge is always one of our main motivations.


Datasalt has designed and runs the successful Big Data Postgraduate program at the Spanish U-Tad university. During the course, students acquire a sound knowledge of Big Data technologies (Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra, Storm, R) and, even more importantly, they obtain the necessary mind shift in order to understand new distributed computing paradigms.

Data Science Retreat

dsrDatasalt has been mentoring on the Data Science Retreat at Berlin. This program is unique across Europe and provides a highly specialized set of skills to people looking to start their career as a Data Scientist.

Other training services

Datasalt also offers on-site training services and training sessions tailor-made to fit your profile. For queries and more information, write to us at