The understanding that we, at Datasalt, have about Big Data, NoSQL and Cloud Computing is useful in a wide range of fields. Here you will find several examples where the use of Datasalt’s technology proposals is highly advantageous:

Big Data solutions

The prototypical model of a Data Analytics and Business Intelligence system features the consolidation of data in a Datawarehouse. The information gathered is structured data that is stored in a high volume relational database. This database is queried when analyses are made and reports generated.

The incredible deluge of data resulting from recording interactions between users and devices and the Internet, as well as the information created by devices equipped with sensors, bring this model into question. Therefore, new tools are needed to process mass quantities of data, mostly unstructured data. Technologies such as Hadoop and Hive, together with the flexibility and low cost of Cloud Computing, represent the best option for extracting value from Big Data.

Scalable search systems

Datasalt has designed and implemented high volume vertical search engines. Adding information from feeds or the web into a single search engine involves challenges that Datasalt has successfully solved, thanks to the combination of Hadoop and Solr in a distributed system. Hadoop’s calculating power makes it possible to enhance the quality of the information indexed, through intelligent duplicate detection and information filtering. The use of Solr, in the meantime, provides a fast, reliable search system. This solution is applicable to any vertical format: real property, cars, jobs, hotels, and so on. Contact us if you need a high volume search engine.

Web Crawling and Web Mining

Internet and the social networks create an immense amount of public information that is accessible to anyone. But the quantity of information is so great that it is difficult to find and extract value from it. Datasalt has solutions for collecting and processing huge amounts of web data. These techniques can be useful for evaluating marketing campaigns and gathering data on customers. Cross-check information from the web with your own data and feed this information back to your business, thus increasing your competitive advantage.

Log gathering and processing

If one thing is clear, it is that every little bit of information counts. Each event that takes place must be recorded, including interactions between users and the web, transactions and operations carried out, data collected through sensors and logs generated by applications, to name a few. This raises the requirements for systems in charge of gathering and analyzing logs, particularly in high volume businesses. Therefore, a system that is both scalable and high capacity is needed. Datasalt has the necessary technology to implement high performance, scalable log gathering and processing systems. The goals of our systems are:

  • High gathering capacity without affecting the application’s performance
  • Horizontal scalability: more machines, more output
  • Enormous processing capacity, thanks to the Hadoop platform
  • Quasi real-time data access and search

Artificial intelligence

The Datasalt team has expertise in cutting edge artificial intelligence techniques resulting from research in computing fields such as recommendation systems, duplicate detection and machine learning. Contact us if you need solutions in any of the following fields: artificial intelligence, collaborative filtering, information retrieval and machine learning.