Enterprise products

The “Splout” product series are special Big Data products targeted to particular businesses needs. They help in deriving and leveraging insights from your Big Data, making sense of it, learning from it, and finally improving your users’ experience.

    • Splout Ad networks

      Able to handle billions of events per day, the Splout Ad Networks product provides a rich analytics panel to publishers and advertisers. The panels include campaign analytics, per-ad analytics, all of them with multiple breakdowns (location, browser, device, …) and flexible time periods. The use of scalable technologies makes Splout Ad Networks suitable to be used under heavy data load.

    • Splout Banking

      A solution for extracting value from bank transactions, Splout Banking provides rich statistics to shop owners such as: which sales were done with credit card in different time frames, which are the client profiles, when did clients visit the shop, and so on. Shop owners can use this information to provide coupons at payment time to increase client loyalty. Shop owners can also benefit from automatic sales forecasting.

    • Splout Retail

      Splout Retail improves client engagement by providing feedback to your clients about their consumption patterns. It takes advantage of it to show personalized product recommendations and offers. It provides per-shop analytic panels, as well as per-client ones where clients can learn about their way of consuming.

    • Splout eCommerce

      Splout eCommerce learns from client behavior, improving users experience and engagement. It learns from user clicks, product views, sales, creating models that will help you recommend new products to your clients.