Big Data Consulting

At Datasalt, we have the knowledge and experience needed to help make your systems contribute to the success of your business. Form a tandem with us and take advantage of our capacity to manage, process and analyze big data effectively, quickly and economically.

Datasalt offers advisory services, technology assessment, architecture design/review, prototyping, development and implementation of systems handling large amounts of data.

Technology Assessment

Choosing the right technology is a critical issue that has a strong impact on the success of a project. Datasalt has an expert team to help you, by conducting an unbiased assessment of the of the existing technology options, including proprietary solutions and open source-based solutions, and advising you on the solution that best meets your business needs. Maximize your return on investment by choosing the appropriate option.


Rely on Datasalt to design and review your architecture. We have broad experience in designing and implementing big data analysis and processing systems, search engines, web crawling and web mining. We take advantage of the enhanced capacity and savings involved in Cloud Computing. Take a look at our areas of expertise to learn more about the scope of our skills.

Prototyping and Development

Datasalt’s services span the entire spectrum of possibilities, from prototype development and concept testing to the design, development and implementation of entire systems. The use of agile reduced-cycle methods speeds up the development process and reduces marketing times. An in-depth knowledge of scalable technologies enables us to develop concept tests in record time, preparing prototypes in as little as one week.


Rely on Datasalt as your technology advisor in architectures and systems that handle large amounts of data or bear heavy loads, and which therefore must be scalable. Datasalt can help you make critical decisions for your business, reducing risks and increasing the likelihood of success. Trust in Datasalt in planning your technological resources.