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Parsing Qype reviews with Pangool and saving results into MongoDB

In this post we will see how easy it is to integrate a Pangool MapReduce Job with MongoDB, the famous document-oriented NoSQL database. For that, we will perform a review scraping task on Qype HTML pages. The resultant reviews will be then persisted into MongoDB.


The “Burgermeister” in Berlin is a famous burger venue. But what do really people think about it? Has their opinion changed recently? A lot of companies and start-ups work nowadays on solving this problem. ReviewPro helps hotels know what people think of them. BrandWatch helps companies watch people’s opinions on their brand. In this post we will perform a simple review parsing job for Qype HTML pages. The given implementation will be very simple, but we will also give an idea on how to extend it to a “real-life” solution.

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