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Presenting Splout Cloud: a managed web-latency SQL querying engine in the cloud

We have created Splout Cloud, a web-latency managed service in the AWS cloud. Simply put, Splout Cloud converts any data files – regardless of their size – into a scalable, partitioned SQL querying engine. And unlike offline analytics engines, it is highly performant, fast enough so as to be able to provide sub-second queries and real-time aggregations to feed arbitrary web or mobile applications.


Splout Cloud is based on Splout SQL, an open-source SQL database for Hadoop.


There is Big Data everywhere, but mostly in the form of huge data files that are collected and stored anywhere. There is a big challenge in making that tremendous amount of information queryable, not to mention making those queries run really fast. The typical solution involves dumping all the data into a database. But there are a lot of databases, so which one should you choose? Who is going to take care of the database? How are the ETL processes that feed the database going to look like?

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you would just make your files queryable? Splout Cloud lets you drop all your data into a S3 bucket and that data is periodically synchronized with a parallel, scalable querying system based on Splout SQL.


How it works

This is how Splout Cloud works:

  • The user synchronizes its data within a S3 bucket. For example, by uploading new files everyday.
  • A Splout Cloud cluster is instantiated within the user’s AWS account. Depending on the application’s needs, the size of this cluster is adjusted.
  • A partitioning data policy is defined. For example, partition customer sales by “customer_id”.
  • Splout Cloud transparently synchronizes the S3 bucket periodically. The user can query the cluster through a REST interface and build their own applications on top of it.

Splout Cloud is not suitable for real-time updates (updating data every few seconds). Splout Cloud is targeted to applications where updating data a few times per day is enough.

Apply for beta!

We encourage anyone to try Splout Cloud with their own use case. For that you can sign up for the beta. If your dataset is below 100GB you will be able to try Splout Cloud for free.

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  1. Ms Problems says:

    I am looking for a webbed based SQL solution for my beta solution.

    I believe you offering might be the right solution for me.

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