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Pangool + SOLR

In this blog we have already talked about the convenience of using Hadoop for batch-indexing for producing a Lucene inverted index, for instance, that would be deployed into SOLR. We have talked about SOLR-1301, which is commonly used for SOLR indexing with Hadoop. In this article we’re going to present the recent integration of Pangool with SOLR which is a lot simpler and more powerful.

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Pangool’s Game Of Life

In this post we’re going to do something crazier and more original than usual. We thought that it would be interesting to execute Conway’s Game of Life in Hadoop using Pangool (for those who don’t know what Pangool is, it is an open-source project that we have developed for facilitating low-level development with Hadoop). Through a parallel execution we’ll be able to calculate sequences of the game from multiple initial configurations. The ultimate purpose of the execution will be to find curious sequences, such as sequences that need a lot of iterations to reach convergence even with a small, finite space.

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